Everyday Life | May

May brought warmer temperatures, several outdoor activities, and more great family moments. Life is full + good! Editing & working with my personal images truly reminds me of just how blessed I am. My favorite images from this month are....sisters sharing the iPad, walking Bloomsday together, watching my daughter march in the Jr. Lilac Parade, (stuffed) puppy love, Memorial Day weekend fun with family, hanging out with friends, and chores.

And just to keep things REAL....the twins are literally in the basement fighting and yelling at each other over who knows what at this very moment. Seriously. Thank goodness we have a basement and I can close the door and tune them out. Life doesn't always look like these photos - trust me. I just choose to focus on the happier moments. 

I started Everyday Life, a monthly blog post, in January 2014 as a personal commitment to keep shooting, editing, and sharing my family photos!