Favorite Finds | 2018

I first wrote a favorite finds post in 2017 and knew I wanted to make this an annual post. So, this year I actually kept a list going in my planner of the things I wanted to share so I wouldn’t forget. My Favorite Finds are all items that were new to me in 2018 and made an impact on my life in both big and small ways. Maybe one of these items will be new to you or will inspire you to create/share your own list. Tag me if you do!


1. This mirror.

I think I bought this mirror at the start of 2018 after seeing it at my friend’s house - thank you Ginny Taylor! Best $49.99 for a mirror ever. And it’s just the right amount of gold to add to your home. I bought one for our entry and then loved it so much that I bought two more for our basement bathroom.


2. This podcast.

I think I first heard about Up & Vanished from my friend, Darbie. She told me about it right before I was leaving for a road trip so the timing was perfect. Started listening and couldn’t stop. What a captivating story. Also, I love true crime.


3. This trip.

Kyle and I spent our 10th anniversary in Italy in June. This trip was everything I hoped it would be and lit a fire in us both to see more of the world. Just the two of us for two full weeks in quite possibly the most beautiful place in the world - more please! I have big goals of blogging this trip soon!

And hiring a photographer to take photos of us in Venice (our anniversary gift) - best decision ever! Thank you Stefano!


4. This movie.

A Star is Born is most definitely my favorite movie from 2018. I saw it first with my older girls and then saw it a 2nd time with my husband. You guys…I can’t remember a time that I saw a movie 2 times in the theatre? Seriously, it’s that good. And now the soundtrack has been playing on repeat since October. And did you see that it is up for SEVEN Academy Awards?!

Honorable mention /runner up: The Greatest Showman - also love love love the music!

5. This book.

I read Girl Wash Your Face last summer and fell in love with all things that Rachel Hollis says and does! This women is on fire right now and so incredibly motivating! This was my #1 read of 2018. Definitely check out her book and her podcast if you haven’t already. Waiting patiently for her next book to come out.


6. This popcorn popper.

Ok. Credit for this find goes to my mom and sister. And apparently they had this thing for MONTHS and failed to mention it’s awesomeness in a very timely manner with me! But, I have one now and all is right in the land of popcorn making. If you love popcorn, stop what you are doing right now and buy this thing! It’s a game changer. So easy to use, popcorn is ready in under 3 minutes, and it’s a cinch to clean up. We (I) use it several times a week!


7. This garden.

At first glance you might think that this is just a bowl of tomatoes. But these tomatoes came right out of OUR very own garden! And it was a garden that I didn’t want and said “no” to on several occasions when my daughter, Hannah, asked for one. I didn’t think I could take care of one more thing and knowing that she is gone for a good portion of the summer means that I would be in charge of the garden. But then she asked again in the Spring, I said yes. And it turns out that it’s one of the best YESES I said all year. I might’ve even experienced more joy from the daily harvest than she did.

Greatest takeaway: if your 17 year old is asking you to plant a garden with her…plant one as fast as you can. 


8. This client management system.

After 4 years of keeping track of all my clients and session details on pieces of paper in a 3 ring notebook, it was time to retire that system and invest in something a bit more official. I researched several different systems and in the end I went with Dubsado. I think I spent most of Q1 in 2018 making this transition and I am happy to say that the 3 ring binder is GONE. Every detail about every client, every session, every payment, every everything is in Dubsado and after using it for a full year I will never go back. And honestly I can’t imagine my business without it! If you think your business might benefit from this system - check it out .

Use my affiliate code for 20% off your first month: https://www.dubsado.com/?c=kcenglandphotography

9. This show.

Favorite show this year was Ozark (and yes, this is quite a departure from my favorite show of last year - Downtown Abbey). Don’t worry, I still love DA and can’t WAIT for the movie to come out this year. But Ozark was definitely a favorite for 2018. I watched season 1 early in the year and then waited patiently for season in late August. I might have a slight crush on Jason Bateman. Anyone else remember him in Silver Spoons in the 80’s?!


10. This remodel.

Our master bathroom had a very slow leak situation that we first noticed in 2017. By the end of the year, the flooring right outside of our shower was discolored and starting to bubble. So, by Spring of 2018 we decided to move forward with a bathroom remodel and hired a contractor. We took out our tub, installed a walk-in shower, added new sinks, countertops, mirrors, lights, and flooring. We did not change out our doors, trim, or vanity cabinets. We have this same wood throughout our entire house and if we changed it in just the bathroom (and not in the rest of the house) it would look out of place. Every single day this room brings me JOY! I intended to do a blog post about this last year and never quite got that together so this is a mini post of the updates and sources for you.

And if you need a bathroom contractor, let me know. We were thrilled with the company we worked with!

List of Sources

Rain Shower Head

TP Holder

Drawer Pulls (I want these in our kitchen now!)

Shower Floor Drain

Vanity Lights (was afraid that these might not be enough light in the bathroom, but they are perfect)

Shower Faucet

Shower Trim

Sink Faucet (would not buy this brand again - not as good of quality as I hoped)

Black Mirror (my mom just put one of these in her house too!)

Subway Tile (vanity backsplash and shower walls)

Hexagon Tile (shower floor tile and shower wall insert to hold soap and shampoo)

Luxury Plank Tile

Sinks (LOVE how these look, but a little hard for everything to actually go down the drain since the sink bottom is flat)

Quartz Countertops

Floor Mirror (one of my favorite things ever - thankfully I got it on sale!)







That’s it for Favorite Finds this year! Click here for 2017 Favorite Finds.

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