Emma | Class of 2015

Emma is a senior at Mead this year and most passionate about music. She plays the clarinet, the piano, and spent last summer traveling with the Oregon Crusaders Drum & Bugle Corps. Listening to her talk about music during our session was so inspiring! Emma has a contagious joy about her, is not afraid to be herself, and wise beyond her years! It was an honor to photograph this sweet girl. Today is her 18th birthday!! I hope it's the best one yet!

More from Emma...

I was...someone who used to love coffee.

I am...a kinda nerdy girl, but I own it and embrace it!

I think...Harry Potter is the bee's knees.

I wonder...what traveling to London would be like.

I wish...more people would smile more often.

I save...snapple caps because I like reading them when I'm bored.

I always...am drinking tea!

I can't imagine...my life without music.

I believe...there's a lot of benefits to being slightly quirky.

I promise...to always be myself.

I love...my family and God more than anything.

-Emma, 2014

Emma and her family are sharing their home this year with Lan, an exchange student from Australia. So of course we had to take a few photos of Lan so that she would be included in the yearbook!! She is loving her senior year in the US!