Corri | Class of 2015

My senior rep program came together after the initial inquiry and encouragement from Corri’s mom earlier this Spring. Corri was the perfect candidate to help start this program for Leaving A Mark Photography! It’s been so fun getting to know this girl through her Spring and Summer sessions! Her natural beauty, ability to laugh at herself, and infectious personality made her so easy and FUN to photograph! I know she is going to have a great senior year – she will be busy with dance, cheer, and all the many important events that fill your schedule your final year of high school! Best wishes Corri!

Corri's thoughts...

I was…very quiet

I am…happy and friendly

I think…nature is so beautiful

I wonder…how I’m so lucky

I wish…I was more outgoing

I save…pictures of old memories

I always…am busy with a sport or activity

I can’t imagine…a world without my friends and family

I believe…everyone has good in them

I promise…to always keep an open mind

I love…calming music

Corri - Summer 2014