AJ | Class of 2015

AJ's senior shoot was so much fun! I love that we shot most of his football photos at Mead High School (which just so happens to be my old highschool AND where I met his parents!!). He rocked his session even though it was 95 degrees! AJ is so friendly, humble, and incredibly photogenic! Oh and I must add that he is an Ivy League prospect! I have no doubt his future will be filled with many great blessings.

AJ's thoughts....

                                    I was…fat 

I am…growing 

I think…conservatively

I wonder…about a lot of things

I wish…for world peace

I save…money

I always…eat

I can’t imagine…life without my family

I believe…that we will win

I promise…to give 110% 

 I love…my family          

-AJ, Summer 2014

I adore this image of AJ & his mom, Kari! Back in the day, Kari and I cheered for Mead!! :-)