Rein Family | 50th Anniversary

I have known the Rein family for most of my life! Geri and Gerry are neighbors and close friends of my parents and I grew up with their children…all 7 of them! 50 years of marriage later and their immediate family has grown from 9 to 40!!! That’s right, 40! Can you imagine getting everyone together under one roof (plus a few tents and campers)?!  With lots of planning this family made it happen and they just spent a week of cooking, playing, swimming, laughing, and loving one another in the home they all grew up in. I know all of them will forever remember this special time as it was the last week together as a family in their home of 30+ years. As tough as it is to say goodbye to a place that holds so many precious memories, I know that this new chapter of life will hold just as many blessings and memories (with a lot less yard to take care of!!). 

Happy 50th Anniversary Geri and Gerry! I love your family and wish you much joy and love in the years to come! xoxo