Suarez Family

Meeting the Suarez family brought back so many memories for me! This session took place on the eve of their twin's FIRST Birthday! And from one twin mama (mine are 16 now!) to another, I remember how hard that first year was! Cheers to not only surviving the first year, but I would say that you guys are thriving! Eric and Allison love to travel and didn't skip a beat since having the twins...they have already vacationed in Mexico and Arizona as a family of four. They also love supporting EWU Football and the twins started going to the games at just 2 months old. It's safe to say that these little twinners have lots of adventures in their future!!

I am so thankful we started this session when we did because we finished up and moments later a huge storm rolled in. You would never know that from these photos! It's crazy how the weather can turn so quickly. Thank you Suarez family!

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