Oh Christmas Tree 2018

Greenbluff Christmas Tree Experience


We’ve been going to Greenbluff for as long as I can remember to cut down our Christmas Tree. Last year we found our tree at Hansen’s Green Bluff Orchard and this year we decided to go to Dietz Christmas Trees. We always stop for lunch at High Country Orchard. I look forward to this tradition every year and I have come to expect a bit of drama when it comes to managing expectations from 5 different family members. I am happy to announce that I am giving my family 5 stars this year! We all agreed on the final tree selection, the weather held out, and aside from a small political discussion at lunch the outing was relatively drama free! I think we all agree that getting our Christmas Tree truly kicks off the holiday season for us and will always be a treasured tradition (drama and all!). Let me just add that my family knows how important the photos are to me and I so appreciate them for being ever so patient and cooperative.

I am trying not to think about the fact that my twins are seniors this year and may not be with us next year for our annual Greenbluff Tree outing…eek!


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