Everyday Life | October

Annual family outing to Greenbluff. Our first stop is always the Harvest House for the pumpkin donuts...essential part of every trip to Greenbluff. On a Saturday in October the wait for those donuts can be up to an HOUR! And there is a limit to how many you can buy! They are like GOLD! Then to Knapp's Farm for Punkin' Chunkin. We all dressed for FALL, but it turned out to be a gorgeous and WARM day!

Somebody is loving her "make-ups" - AKA old flavored chapsticks from her big sisters. She lines them up and tests them out on a daily basis! I think these are the last photos of Emi in a diaper...she potty trained in November!

More cross country meets... and YES to photographing outdoor sports! So much better than the indoor gym light.

Found these trees while out scouting one day. Now, if only I could find BIRCH trees that weren't on PRIVATE PROPERTY for a shoot! My favorite!!

Pumpkin carving...checking out those slimy seeds.

The cutest little Minnie Mouse that you ever did see! Oh my goodness! I just love her so much! The twins did not dress up this year - so extra photos of Emily! Trying to soak in every little moment as I know there will be a day when she doesn't want to dress up too. It comes all too fast.

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