Everyday Life | November + December

I did it! A full YEAR of Everyday Life blog posts! I started this personal blog series in January 2014 with the hope of capturing more of our everyday life and sharing it here. It's easy to capture these moments with my cell phone (which I often do), but this series helped me break out my big camera more often at home. The light isn't always perfect and the background might be cluttered, but they are real everyday moments and I love these images and these memories. These are the images that I will print for our family scrapbook. I am planning to continue this series in 2015 with a few minor changes. Follow along at @oureverydaylife2015!

Let's get started with November!

Bath time is extra special when it happens in "mommy + daddy's bath".

Must be more comfortable to read with your feet up in the air?!

THIS happened in November!!! Jingle bell around her neck and all!

December is here! Emily arranged and re-arranged our nativity scene about 1000x this month. Thankfully everything remained in one piece!

Dietz Tree Farm graciously shared their property with me several times for family sessions in November and December. I knew it would be the perfect place to pick out our own tree!

Baking, baking, and more baking! Hannah loves baking and now she has a little partner.

A family date downtown at PF Changs, a visit to Santa (thankful that my twins are willing to carry on this tradition with their little sister!), and then to see the lights at the new Spokane Winter Glow Spectacular at Riverfront Park! It was freezing, but Emi was loving every minute and running from light to light like each display was something she had never seen before. This girl is so joyful! 

We finished off the evening with a stop at Ben + Jerry's...too many choices!

Merry Christmas Eve!

Brunch at our house, family time, church, and watching a special video from Santa! 

Christmas morning! It was perfect. So happy to have all three of my girls home!

Late Christmas night snuggles and giggles before bed. 

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I started Everyday Life, a monthly blog post, in January 2014 as a personal commitment to keep shooting, editing, and sharing my family photos. Follow along on Instagram too at @leavingamarkphoto or #oureverydaylife2014.