Oh Christmas Tree 2017

Greenbluff Christmas Tree Experience


We live about 15 minutes away from Greenbluff, Washington, which is home to several Christmas Tree Farms. We head up here every year for a fresh tree and have tried several different farms over the years. This year, we found our tree at Hansen’s Green Bluff Orchard and then enjoyed lunch at High Country Orchard. I look forward to this little outing every year. The funny thing is that this day always includes a bit of drama. After 16 ½ years of parenting, I know that there will be some sort of disagreement over the tree selection, or the location, or the music choices in the car on the way (seriously, it’s a thing!), or the weather is bad…something typically does not go according to plan. But, we seem to recover quickly and I think we can all agree that getting the tree definitely kicks off the holiday season for us and will always be a treasured tradition (drama and all!). Let me just add that my family knows how important the photos are to me and I so appreciate them for being ever so patient and cooperative!

While I was preparing this post, I realized that I have just one more tree outing as a family of five left. My twins will be seniors next year and then off to college and will most likely not be home when it’s time to get our tree. Oh, this is hard. I can’t even think it about it.


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