5 reasons why you should order your holiday cards at Mango Ink

I've been a photography partner with Mango Ink for 3 years now! Which means that this company uses my images to showcase their card designs. Which also means my clients are basically models...YAY! Mango Ink is an awesome company and I think you will love their products. So, today I am sharing FIVE reasons why I think you should order your holiday cards from Mango Ink!

1. This company is based in Spokane, WA and supporting local business is always a good thing!

2. All cards are completely customizable - colors, font, text, etc. can all be changed to make your card one of a kind!

3. They are SO fast! You will always receive a digital proof and typically this comes in less than 24 hours!

4. The ordering process is not automated. There are two real people (incredibly talented designers) that will personally work with you through the design and ordering process. 

5. Get 35% off with code: kcenglandphotography at check out!

OK! I bet you are convinced now!