Five Lessons Learned in the First Five Years of Business

Five Lessons Learned in the First Five Years of Business

I am five years into owning my own business and just about everything about my business has grown, evolved, or completely changed from when I started!

Craig & Melodie | Engagement Session

Big news!! I am photographing my FIRST wedding next month and I am so excited about this new challenge. My bride and groom are the sweetest people on the planet AND the wedding is taking place in a gorgeous outdoor venue! Win-win for all!

Over the last 2 years I have received a handful of wedding inquiries and each time I carefully considered the request. There is always a part of me that wants to say YES, but another part of me that just wasn’t ready to take on the responsibility of a wedding. You see, a wedding is a one-time shot. There are no do-overs! Other factors like time commitment and equipment also play a role in my decision making process and it just never felt right.

This past February I attended the AJ Workshop in Phoenix, Arizona. Amy & Jordan are phenomenal wedding photographers and the focus of this workshop was about taking your business to the next level. I didn’t attend the workshop with the intention of becoming a wedding photographer, I registered because I was drawn to Amy & Jordan’s style and personality and wanted to learn from them. They are amazing industry leaders and you can’t help but fall immediately in love with them. The workshop was small (only 18 of us) and I loved that. We all got to know each other fast and the information they shared with us was incredibly practical and empowering. They poured into us and I left the workshop feeling so excited about my business and much to my surprise, I started really thinking about shooting weddings. I left with a greater confidence in myself and in my photography and I was ready to tackle something new. Just 8 days later I received a call from Melodie and Craig about their wedding in July. Timing is everything!

The big day is 15 days away now and I couldn’t be more excited to celebrate and photograph Melodie & Craig!