Everyday Life | January

There is something about January that makes me want to declutter and organize EVERYTHING…Lightroom library included! I was so focused on client work last year that I fell way behind on personal photos….minimal editing/organizing and very little sharing took place as I stopped updating my personal blog. So, I have spent every inch of free time this past month editing, tagging, and deleting personal photos from 2013 and it feels so good to start off fresh for 2014!

My 2014 challenge for myself is to share more of my own family photos here (which will hopefully encourage me to stay on top of editing/organizing!). I am thinking just one post each month dedicated to our Everyday Life…just 12 blogs, that should be easy, right?! No rules, just a handful of favorites from each month. I will post a few to instagram too – follow along @leavingamarkphoto and #oureverydaylife2014

And so, let’s start with January!

*warning: can you guess who my little sidekick is? Note to self to take more photos of my older girls! I promise that I love them all the same! 

Everyday Life 0114.jpg