And just like that....she's TWO!

Our April Fools baby is TWO! We celebrated with a fun family party at our house. It was windy + gray outside, but inside it was filled with SUNSHINE!

I don't want to forget the pure happiness on her face as she sat at her little table sipping her very first juice box, or watching her run in the backyard so desperately trying to keep up with her cousins (she is the littlest of 9), or the pure delight as we pulled off the sheet and she saw her play kitchen for the first time. Emi was SO happy at her party! What a great day filled with JOY!!! 

I had so much fun planning out all the little sunshiney details...lemon cupcakes, treat bags filled with lemon drops, sunshine coloring sheets, yellow polka dot balloons, and of course we served lemonade. See more fun + easy ideas on my Pinterest board here