Miller Family

My husband and I sit in awe every Sunday as our pastor, Ryan, delivers his message. No notes. Just all from memory. Every. Single. Week. And his delivery…oh yeah, it’s flawless. We leave every time with a thirst for more and we feel incredibly grateful to be a part of the Branches community. Ryan and his wife, Heidi, are two of the most creative, loving, and encouraging people I know. In addition to leading our church, they own and operate Mango Ink and 08Left. Definitely click and check out these very cool companies! Oh and they are raising three pretty awesome and amazing kids too! Their oldest will be graduating from high school this June, so it was extra special to capture this family of 5 while Isaac is still living at home! 

Thank you Miller Family. It's hard to convey just how much you all mean to me in words. I am incredibly thankful for your friendship. And your session is one of my all time favorites!!!

Shelby + Graham

Shelby + Graham are High School sweethearts, but they recently said goodbye to one another to start a new chapter of their relationship...a long distance relationship! We met for this session just two nights before Graham left. Everything was about to change for them and it was really special to be able to capture their love and friendship right at this very in love and so happy. 

Ainsworth Family

Running, climbing trees, jumping off the rocks, and just generally getting a little too close to the edge…Mt. Spokane is heaven when you are an 8 year old boy! These twin brothers are both on the Mt. Spokane Ski team and the parents are part of the Ski Patrol. A session at Vista House on the top of Mt. Spokane was the perfect place for this adventurous family! 

Norman Family

I met Danielle a couple of years ago when I was still working for JDRF. Our paths crossed again as volunteers for the Micros for Mamas event. And then, she just so happened to be the winning bidder on a photography package I donated for an auction last year. So many great connections (and another reason why I love living in Spokane)! This session was full of love, laughter, and PLAY! Callen is 2 ½ and all about his matchbox cars right now. Such a sweet little boy with a whole bunch of love for his mama!

Harper Grace

Remember all the darling handmade outfits from this maternity session in May? (If Grandma ever opens an Etsy shop, I will be the first in line!). Little Harper Grace arrived 15 days early with lots of white blonde hair and she is perfect! I think it's quite special to photograph a couple at their maternity session and then to capture them again as parents at their newborn session. There is this awesome transformation of "us" to "we" that I am able to witness, especially when photographing families in their homes. Thank you Mandi & Brandon for the opportunity to capture those early "we" moments with your precious baby girl. I know you will enjoy every minute with her. I am so excited for you to be a family of 3!

Mommy & Me Sessions | YoungLives 2014

For the past two years I have had the opportunity to volunteer for YoungLives. YoungLives is a division of Young Life that supports teen moms (and dads too!). A "club" event takes place each month where local teen moms are invited to share a meal, watch a skit, create something, and learn more about Jesus. They also receive packs of diapers, wipes, and baby clothing. Volunteers provide childcare for club nights as well. The girls that I have met through this program are stronger then you can ever imagine; some of them are pregnant as young as 13 and without a safe place to live. Many of them are trying to finish school and provide as best as they can for their child. It’s safe to say that most of them are on their own with very little financial resources and emotional support. YoungLives is a safe place for them to be themselves and to hopefully receive a break from the day-to-day struggles they face. I can feel the love in the room on club nights…hugs shared between friends, encouraging conversation, laughter, and kids playing with each other. Our club is growing with sometimes as many as 12 girls + babies coming. I feel blessed to be able to photograph club events and special events like this Mommy & Me session in April. The girls received prints of these images at our Mother’s Day club last night. I see strength, perseverance, and beauty in these images…the sweetest little children loving and smiling up at their mamas. 

Learn more about the Mead YoungLives Club here. We meet at Branches Church the first Wednesday of the month from 6-8pm. Contact Linda McDonald at for more information.