Baby Garnet

A Newborn Home Session in Spokane, WA

Nicole & Lyle welcomed sweet baby Garnet in January. This family loves the outdoors so I think Garnet has many hiking, biking, and skiing adventures in her future. I'm willing to bet her two big brothers will show her the ropes...and she will be working hard to keep up with them! Congratulations Stagg family!

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Baby Carson

I met Ellie almost 2 years ago when she was just a brand new little thing...she was my 2nd official newborn session ever! I am happy to announce that Ellie just became a big sister! What a blessing to be able to photograph this sweet family again and meet baby Carson. I think he is going to fit right in with this Seahawks-lovin' family! Congratulations Shaun & Ashley!

Mary Tullamora

Remember how careful and cautious you were with your first baby? You’ve had all this time to prepare and the nursery is just perfect and then comes baby #2 and everything changes! Your hands are now full with your toddler and suddenly you don’t have the time to worry quite as much as you did the first time around. You let your guard down just a bit because you know in your heart that everything will work out  just fine. I think this session beautifully captures some of that transition of having just 1 child and adding a second…many real and authentic moments of love and patience and play. Mary Tullamora is baby #2 and the first girl for the Diede family. It’s safe to say that everyone is in love with her, especially big brother, Harrison (2 ½)! Mary was 2 months at this session and was quite content watching her brother as he kept busy with playdough, snacks, Madagascar, and watering plants…you know, just regular stuff you do when your parents are in the middle of a photo shoot with your brand new baby sister. There may have been a few M + M’s involved with this session…just to keep us all happy and cooperating. :-)

Congratulations Diede family! Mary completes your family just perfectly!

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Newborn Sessions at Home

Having a baby is such a special and unique time for all families. It doesn't matter if it's your 1st, your 2nd, or your 6th! Your baby arrives and all of a sudden you are in a new role with new routines and new responsibilities. It's emotional and crazy, and oh so perfectly chaotic in the beginning. But the very best part is that you are so deeply in love with this new little life. I remember looking at my own children and the tears would just flow out of pure joy that this tiny human being actually belonged to me. Thank you God for the gift of motherhood! After having 3 children of my own, I know this time passes way too fast. This is why I consider it such a gift to be invited into a client's home for a newborn session. Home sessions truly provide a real and authentic backdrop to capture this most precious period of time. 

Here are my top four reasons why I think you will love home newborn sessions as much as I do! 

  1. The odds of forgetting something will be in your favor. You can't possibly forget something because you don't have to leave the comfort of your own home! No packing up and running into the house for that last minute thing. No rushing to leave on time. No fussing with those crazy car seat buckles that are 3x the size of your newborn!

  2. The details that make up your story will be captured. Home sessions allow the photographer to photograph nursery details like board books, mobiles, framed art, favorite stuffed animals, a closet full of baby clothes, and priceless family heirlooms. All the tiny little details that make up the beautiful and special place that you created for your newborn will be captured forever.

  3. It's easy to take breaks. Newborn sessions can last 2-3 hours! This is a LONG time for siblings (and for Dads!) to wait. Snacks help, but it's still a long time. Dads and siblings can take breaks while baby and mom are in the spotlight. Being at home makes this a little easier on everyone resulting in beautiful images.

  4. There is no place like home. New parents are generally most comfortable at home. It's easier to nurse at home and extra outfits will be right at your fingertips. This is your chance to get a photograph in the most authentic and natural setting. Remember, your home is an amazing representation of your family story and holds so many priceless memories.

So when your child is a little bit older and asks all about what he/she was like when they were a baby, you will have amazing photographs to share with them!

Newborn sessions take place year round and are not dependent on weather. If you are expecting a baby I would love to hear from you. Discounts available when booking a maternity session with your newborn session. Learn more about newborn sessions here

Baby Tesla

oh sweet little Tesla! I've known your Grammy Sparkle and your Auntie Darcy since I was a little girl and it was such a joy for me to photograph you. Your family is AMAZING! I know your life will be filled with many great things! You are a precious gift!

PS. Polka dots and stripes are my all time favorite patterns...your mama has great taste! :-)

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Baby Copeland

Isn’t it amazing how God just opens your heart and allows it to grow 10,000 times when you have a baby? Almost as if you didn’t even know it was possible to love someone this much. And then you have baby #2 and He does it again! I have watched my dear friend, Ginny, plan and prepare for the arrival of her baby boy, Copeland, this past year and I have loved every minute. From conversations and prayer (long before she was even expecting) to baby showers and maternity photos, it has been such a blessing to be by her side. Ginny & Gabe are two of the most loving and intentional parents I know. I just couldn’t be happier for this sweet little growing family!

Before you scroll down to his newborn session, I included a few of my favorites from her maternity session! 

And a few from his birth. So tiny and new!

And his official newborn session took place on his 7th day of life! Love!

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