baby girl

Baby Garnet

A Newborn Home Session in Spokane, WA

Nicole & Lyle welcomed sweet baby Garnet in January. This family loves the outdoors so I think Garnet has many hiking, biking, and skiing adventures in her future. I'm willing to bet her two big brothers will show her the ropes...and she will be working hard to keep up with them! Congratulations Stagg family!

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Mary Tullamora

Remember how careful and cautious you were with your first baby? You’ve had all this time to prepare and the nursery is just perfect and then comes baby #2 and everything changes! Your hands are now full with your toddler and suddenly you don’t have the time to worry quite as much as you did the first time around. You let your guard down just a bit because you know in your heart that everything will work out  just fine. I think this session beautifully captures some of that transition of having just 1 child and adding a second…many real and authentic moments of love and patience and play. Mary Tullamora is baby #2 and the first girl for the Diede family. It’s safe to say that everyone is in love with her, especially big brother, Harrison (2 ½)! Mary was 2 months at this session and was quite content watching her brother as he kept busy with playdough, snacks, Madagascar, and watering plants…you know, just regular stuff you do when your parents are in the middle of a photo shoot with your brand new baby sister. There may have been a few M + M’s involved with this session…just to keep us all happy and cooperating. :-)

Congratulations Diede family! Mary completes your family just perfectly!

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Harper | One Year!

This little one showed up in her eyelet dress, floral crown, and teeny tiny denim jacket and well, let's just say that I was ready to take her home with me! She is the sweetest little thing and even reached out to give me a hug as we were saying goodbye. I first photographed this family when they were expecting Harper and then again after she was born for her newborn session. Hard to believe she is turning ONE next week! Her mama is planning a garden party themed celebration this weekend and knowing Mandi, there is sure to be so many sweet little details. First birthdays are so special! 

Baby Tesla

oh sweet little Tesla! I've known your Grammy Sparkle and your Auntie Darcy since I was a little girl and it was such a joy for me to photograph you. Your family is AMAZING! I know your life will be filled with many great things! You are a precious gift!

PS. Polka dots and stripes are my all time favorite patterns...your mama has great taste! :-)

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Adelyn | One Year!

It seems like just yesterday that I was meeting Adelyn for her newborn session and today she is ONE! We had so much fun at the library together...looking at books, snacking on (and spilling!) Cheerios, and I think she especially loved seeing her reflection in the window! She will certainly be the STAR at her "Twinkle Twinke Little Star" birthday party this weekend!

Josh & Deanna - enjoy every minute of her big day and birthday party! First birthdays are so special!

Happy Birthday Adelyn!

Expecting Baby Townsley

I met Andrea several years ago, but hadn't met Chris until the session. He had all sorts of "suggestions" when it came to posing, none of which Andrea (or I) allowed him to do, but I give him points for trying. :-) Most of all I loved how much he made Andrea laugh throughout the entire session. Such joy and love at the center of this marriage! Their baby girl, Townsley, is due to arrive in September!