Ursich Family

The sweet people in these images are near and dear to my heart. I met Shaliena in high school nearly 25 years ago and we have been friends ever, weddings, babies, moves, jobs, and so much more. She has been on my side through it all. I don't get to see her as much as I would like as they live on the other side of the state, so the time we do have together now is so precious. They made a special trip into Spokane from the river during their vacation this summer to do this session and I am so thankful are schedules aligned to make this evening possible. Sophie is 12 and quite possibly the most photogenic 12 year old I know! Wow! James is 10 and had me cracking up with all his different funny faces and poses. I love you all dearly and look forward to seeing you again soon. xo

Lexi | Class of 2015

Alexis (Lexi) made all the arrangements for her senior photos and I knew from her email messages that I pretty much loved her before I even met her! And sure enough she is just as sweet and loveable in person. (I seriously have the best clients!!) This girl has a heart of gold, always laughing and smiling (she made a request for no serious photos!) and truly has a contagious energy about her. Lexi loves to dance, participates in color guard, and is attending classes through Running Start this school year. I have no doubt that her future will be bright and full of JOY!

Thank you Lexi and Happy Birthday TODAY! You are beautiful inside and out!! 

More from Lexi...

I was…an outgoing child

I am…still a child at heart

I think…too much

I wonder…if Ben Affleck will make a good Batman

I wish…I could time travel

I save…old movie tickets

I always…choose joy

I can’t imagine…life without Peanut Butter and M&M’s

I believe…laughter is truly the best medicine

I promise…to cherish each moment

I love…God, my family and friends, and pumpkin cheesecake cookies


Shelby + Graham

Shelby + Graham are High School sweethearts, but they recently said goodbye to one another to start a new chapter of their relationship...a long distance relationship! We met for this session just two nights before Graham left. Everything was about to change for them and it was really special to be able to capture their love and friendship right at this very in love and so happy. 

Emma | Class of 2015

I love this girl! There may have been a text or two prior to the session about the potential of "melting hair" due to record high heat, but thankfully we received a little break in the temps and Emma powered through her senior session looking as GORGEOUS as ever! She’s been representing Leaving A Mark Photography as a Senior Model Rep, which means I was lucky enough to photograph her twice! You can see her spring session here. Emma enjoys running, skiing, watching movies, and spending time in the sun. The fun glitter photos were taken with Emma’s best friend, Kelli, who just so happens to be a Leaving A Mark Senior - Class of 2014. I wish Kelli much luck as she starts her freshmen year at the Univ. of Montana and to Emma as she starts her senior year at Mead!!! It's going to be a great year for you both!

Emma's thoughts...

                                        I was…little now I'm almost grown up. 

I am…a girly girl 

I think…about what my future holds

I wonder…anything and everything. 

I wish…I was taller. 

I save…hundreds of pictures

I always…thank Jesus

I can’t imagine…being without my family

I believe…my future is bright

I promise…to be true to myself. 

I love…my friends and family. 

Emma, Summer 2014

Carter | One Year!

I have been following Carter’s first year of life through his mama's Instagram posts and finally had the chance to meet him at his first birthday session! I met Carter’s mom, Trish, when my daughter, Hannah, entered the 2nd grade. And even though Trish is married now, I will probably always affectionately think of her as “Miss Cudney”. This session took place in January during a 2-week stretch of FROST that covered pretty much all of Spokane and I just love the look in the final images.

Happy 1st birthday sweet boy!