Miller Family

My husband and I sit in awe every Sunday as our pastor, Ryan, delivers his message. No notes. Just all from memory. Every. Single. Week. And his delivery…oh yeah, it’s flawless. We leave every time with a thirst for more and we feel incredibly grateful to be a part of the Branches community. Ryan and his wife, Heidi, are two of the most creative, loving, and encouraging people I know. In addition to leading our church, they own and operate Mango Ink and 08Left. Definitely click and check out these very cool companies! Oh and they are raising three pretty awesome and amazing kids too! Their oldest will be graduating from high school this June, so it was extra special to capture this family of 5 while Isaac is still living at home! 

Thank you Miller Family. It's hard to convey just how much you all mean to me in words. I am incredibly thankful for your friendship. And your session is one of my all time favorites!!!

L Family

This family initially found me on Instagram! Tara booked the session several months in advance and I could feel the excitement in her words…this would be their very first family photography session. Their little girl was turning ONE and they couldn’t wait to capture this milestone. The entire session took place on their property – so beautiful!

Thank you Dee, Tara, and little Miss Ruby!

Lexi | Class of 2015

Alexis (Lexi) made all the arrangements for her senior photos and I knew from her email messages that I pretty much loved her before I even met her! And sure enough she is just as sweet and loveable in person. (I seriously have the best clients!!) This girl has a heart of gold, always laughing and smiling (she made a request for no serious photos!) and truly has a contagious energy about her. Lexi loves to dance, participates in color guard, and is attending classes through Running Start this school year. I have no doubt that her future will be bright and full of JOY!

Thank you Lexi and Happy Birthday TODAY! You are beautiful inside and out!! 

More from Lexi...

I was…an outgoing child

I am…still a child at heart

I think…too much

I wonder…if Ben Affleck will make a good Batman

I wish…I could time travel

I save…old movie tickets

I always…choose joy

I can’t imagine…life without Peanut Butter and M&M’s

I believe…laughter is truly the best medicine

I promise…to cherish each moment

I love…God, my family and friends, and pumpkin cheesecake cookies


Diede Family

Although I can’t officially claim them as family, Tulla’s sister is my sister-in-law, which means we are practically related, right? They recently moved to Spokane and it’s been so great to see each other at the last few family events. During the planning of this session, Tulla shared with me that they wanted an urban setting +  trees and I think we found the perfect spot! Sweet little Harrison smiled from the moment he arrived and I about died over the cuteness factor of his cardigan, khaki pants, and Sperry Top-Siders! Looking just like his Daddy!

Baby #2 is due in March and I know they are all so anxious and excited to meet their little girl! Me too! Thank you Diede family!

Everyday Life | September

September! One of my favorite months!

There are lots of little boys on our street and Emi is trying to keep up with them! She loves her Barbie "helmo" (helmet).

Hello 8th grade! I'm not sure how this happened. I swear these two were just staring Kindergarten, like yesterday?! One more year of middle school before they head to HIGH SCHOOL! These were taken the morning of the first day, but we did a fun "back to school" shoot the week before  - see more here!

This little one started part-time daycare this month which was a huge lifesaver for me with a very busy fall shooting schedule. We call it, "school" and she has gotten into the habit of asking each night if tomorrow is a "cool day"? It's been fun to hear her talk about her "teachos" and new friends.

I can't remember the last time we went to the fair, it's been years. For some reason we decided to go this year and I am so glad we did! The petting zoo was a huge hit! 

Hailey tried something new this year - Cross Country! She has never expressed interest in running before and I don't think we gave her too much credit when she first said she wanted to try it. But, I will say that she proved us (and herself) all wrong!! She enjoyed it and it was great to see her succeed at something new.

Backyard bubble baths! This was the last outdoor bath for the season. Not sure who had more fun, Emily or Daddy? 

Read the August Everyday Life post here.

I started Everyday Life, a monthly blog post, in January 2014 as a personal commitment to keep shooting, editing, and sharing my family photos. Follow along on Instagram too at @leavingamarkphoto or #oureverydaylife2014.

Christina | Class of 2015

This senior session took place in mid September, but it was unseasonably cool and felt much more like mid October on this particular evening. Christina loves fall so I think the timing was perfect for her! This girl has been singing for as long as she can remember and has been taking voice lessons for the past 5 years. She sings in 3 choirs at Mead! She is hoping to pursue her love of music after High School and I have no doubt that she will succeed. Christina has the most infectious laugh and it’s virtually impossible for her to smile without laughing at the same time. I know she was a bit shy in front of the camera at first, but she looks absolutely amazing in EVERY photo! And how about her darling hair? It’s not often that you get to photograph a senior girl with short hair and it just fits her personality perfectly! Thank you Christina for such a fun session – I loved meeting you! 

More from Christina...

I was born in Alaska (with penguins).

I am excited to graduate.

I think fall is the most beautiful season.

I wish I could go to Hogwarts.

I save the last bit of peanut butter on my spoon for my puppies (don't tell my mom though).

I always want to try new things.

I can't imagine having a different hair color.

I believe in magic.

I promise to travel the world and explore all life has to offer. 

I love music, my family, & God.