Everyday Life | September

September! One of my favorite months!

There are lots of little boys on our street and Emi is trying to keep up with them! She loves her Barbie "helmo" (helmet).

Hello 8th grade! I'm not sure how this happened. I swear these two were just staring Kindergarten, like yesterday?! One more year of middle school before they head to HIGH SCHOOL! These were taken the morning of the first day, but we did a fun "back to school" shoot the week before  - see more here!

This little one started part-time daycare this month which was a huge lifesaver for me with a very busy fall shooting schedule. We call it, "school" and she has gotten into the habit of asking each night if tomorrow is a "cool day"? It's been fun to hear her talk about her "teachos" and new friends.

I can't remember the last time we went to the fair, it's been years. For some reason we decided to go this year and I am so glad we did! The petting zoo was a huge hit! 

Hailey tried something new this year - Cross Country! She has never expressed interest in running before and I don't think we gave her too much credit when she first said she wanted to try it. But, I will say that she proved us (and herself) all wrong!! She enjoyed it and it was great to see her succeed at something new.

Backyard bubble baths! This was the last outdoor bath for the season. Not sure who had more fun, Emily or Daddy? 

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