Wyatt | Two Years!

I last saw little Wyatt a year ago for his first birthday session and now he is almost TWO! We had all sorts of fun playing with his trucks and cars, but the real fun started when he found the bubble gun toy in my bag! It was almost as if he knew I had that in my bag and he found it almost immediately! There may have been a few tears when we had to put the bubbles away. I heard from his mom that he is getting one for his birthday!

Happy happy birthday sweet boy!

Wyatt | One Year!

This little man is turning one next week! Don’t you just love his denim shirt + green jeans! The photos with the Sock Monkey hat were used on his birthday invitation. I met Wyatt & his mom through a mutual friend and I knew from the emails & texts prior to the session that we would hit it off! One of those instant connections! Thank you to all my clients (and family + friends) for passing my name along, your referrals mean the world to me!

Happy 1st birthday dear Wyatt!

Orryn {7 months}

This little guy had so many fun expressions and the most beautiful blue eyes! And there is just something so darn cute about little boys in jeans and button-down shirts! One of my favorites from this session is the last image where Orryn is holding Sophie the Giraffe (miracle teething toy). He was starting to let us know that he thought the session should be over and mama picked him up to offer a little comfort. Those unplanned moments always make the best images! 

Carter | One Year!

I have been following Carter’s first year of life through his mama's Instagram posts and finally had the chance to meet him at his first birthday session! I met Carter’s mom, Trish, when my daughter, Hannah, entered the 2nd grade. And even though Trish is married now, I will probably always affectionately think of her as “Miss Cudney”. This session took place in January during a 2-week stretch of FROST that covered pretty much all of Spokane and I just love the look in the final images.

Happy 1st birthday sweet boy!