Hailey | Class of 2019

Mt. Spokane High School Senior Session | Spokane, WA


This sweet girl is my oldest twin daughter - by 13 minutes. She will graduate from Mt. Spokane High School in June and plans to attend Loyola University in Chicago this fall. I have so many mixed feelings about her going to school so far away, but mostly I am excited for her to spread her wings! Hailey is a book collector, avid reader, and an incredible artist. She is a cat lady, dog lover, and is most often lovingly teased about her ability to pretty much take a nap anytime/anywhere! She loves to thrift shop and makes bold choices with her clothing and hair. The necklace she wears every day is inscribed with the word, Feminist. She loves to travel, is currently watching Game of Thrones, and has definite ideas and thoughts (well beyond her years) about the current political climate.

I love her so so much. I swear she was a Kindergartner like yesterday. 


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