Orange Thyme Bath Apothecary

I first met Rachel at the Kendall Yards Market or maybe it was Yoga? Oh geez, now I can't remember when/where we met for the very first time, but I am pretty sure it was our mutual friend, Mandolyn, that introduced us. Rachel became my client last fall when we took family photos and so naturally we are now friends for life! I recently had an opportunity to shoot some images for her business and let me tell you that my office smelled so heavenly while I was working with her products. Rachel is the owner of Orange Thyme Bath Apothecary and makes amazing bath balms, soaps, lip balms, body scrubs, and more. Everything is locally made, beautifully packaged and smells divine. I urge you to check her out all the following markets and shops this coming season and at these upcoming special events. Today is extra special because she is re-launching her online shop. Take a peek! Congrats Rachel!!

Orange Thyme Bath Apothecary







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