Hammond Family

It's safe to say that this family is a favorite of mine - my sweet sister and her adorable family. This session took place over Labor Day weekend while we were at our family cabin on Pend Oreille River - beautiful location that holds such special meaning for all of us (thank you Mom & Dad!). My sister and I are only 17 mos. apart in age and it wasn't always easy growing up with just one school year between us (I take full responsibility for making it hard), but thankfully I grew up and sincerely adore her. I love that we live just 15 minutes apart from each other which means our kids have built such strong bonds as cousins. Kari is an amazing mom, wife, and 2nd grade teacher! My niece is so beautiful (she is only in 8th grade, but I'm already excited to take her senior photos!) and my nephews are so handsome!

Love all 5 of you!