2018 Voice Collection

Semifinalist in the Color Category


In 2015, I attended Click Away for the first time. The conference was held in San Antonio, Tx that year and I was excited to spend a few days learning and reconnecting with my dear friend and follow photographer, Andrea.

I remember walking the halls in between classes taking in all the images in the Voice Collection. Easle after easle displayed huge prints of beautiful images captured by other photographers within the Clickin Moms community. It was then that I decided to enter the Voice competition for the next year in hopes of having an image on display.

I entered 34 images in 2016 and nothing happened.

I attended Click Away again in the fall of 2016 and walked through the gallery of Voice Collection images with even more desire to try again.

I entered again in 2017 with 41 images and nothing happened.

I entered again in 2018 with 34 images. I poured over my images and submitted my favorites within the categories…beautiful light, color, culture + travel, environtments, human face, line + shape, love + connection, movement, mysteriousness, objects, self portrait, storytelling, strength, and womenhood.

And then I received an email.

That email announced that I was a finalist in the 2018 Voice Collection in the color category. 48,000 images were entered this year and 210 were selected as finalists and ONE of MY images made it in that group of 210!

Finalists don’t win any money or prizes, but you do get your image published in the Jan/Feb 2019 edition of Click Magazine (and being a part of Click Magazine has been a long time goal of mine)!

And the very best part is that my finalist image is actually a photo of my daughter, Hailey, taken during her senior session this last summer. She has had many different hair colors over the last several years and I wanted to photograph her in a place that would highlight her pink hair. If you are local to Spokane, this image was taken on Monroe Street in front of an old florist shop. Isn’t she cute?! I love her so much.

Perseverance pays off! Thank you Click! I am honored to be a part of the 2018 Voice Collection.


I have a friend at Click Away right now and she sent me this photo last night. Thank you Emily Mikkelson! I wish I was at the conference with you!


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