Expecting baby Lipps

Josh & Deanna are the sweetest couple. I was posing Deanna at the end of our session and at one point Josh just said to her, "You look beautiful!" and truly she did look beautiful! There is something about that pregnant GLOW...Deanna has it! I can't wait to meet little Adelyn or Griffin and good for you guys for waiting to be surprised!!! That is not easy to do!

Kerr Family

My very first session of 2014 – thank you Kerr Family! This was an extended family shoot and the photos are a gift for Grandpa’s 90th Birthday in March. What a great gift! Lots of fun photo groupings with all the family members – cousins only, grandkids + grandparents, ladies only (I think they are a bit outnumbered!), men only, and more. Makes me want to do this with my own family!! It was cold & windy for this early January session – thank goodness for North Face + hand warmers!