Longmeier Family

I love taking photos for my family! These little blondies belong to my brother and sister-in-law...Theron + Burgh (twins, age 5) and Kempton (age 3). I am 9 years older than my brother and clearly remember the day he was born (I was in the 3rd grade!)...there was something extra special that happened for me when he had kids of his own and a set of twins! My twin girls were 7 1/2 when his twins were born. My brother is an outstanding father, Pastor at New Community Church, and in his free time he started his own business - CrossFit Duratus. Can you tell that I am proud of him?!  I am pretty much in awe of my sister-in-law and how she handles these busy little guys (the twins weren't even 2 when baby #3 arrived!) - she pretty much spends every ounce of her being pouring into them...they are so loved! I feel lucky that we live close and I get to photograph them on a regular basis - love you all so much!!