Hill Family

This session took place in September, but I was under strict instructions to keep the images under wraps until after the holidays and Christmas cards were mailed! It was hard to keep them secret because it was such a fun & unique session! I will be the first to admit that I was hesitant to take on the request of a "paparazzi" style shoot  - only because it was new territory for me. I think I even tried to talk them out of it at one point or maybe I was trying to talk myself into it?! But James, Stacy, and their FIVE kiddos were determined to pull it off and I really do love the finished product. I love that all the kids (yes, they have FIVE!!) were so involved in picking out their outfits and the props - note the sunglasses, scarves, big purses, mobile devices, Nordstrom bag, Starbucks - all intentional! Such a fun evening with this crew! I hope they come up with something "new" for me to take on next time!!!

Rosie raises her hands up when you say, "Praise the Lord, Rosie!"  Love that!