2015 Shoot + Share Photography Contest


Once again, the Shoot + Share Contest is underway and I am planning to participate for the 3rd year in a row. If you are a photographer and haven't yet looked into this contest, let me be the first to encourage you to get on board NOW! There is still time to enter your photos - the deadline is Wednesday, February 10. The mission of this contest is to honor and celebrate photographers. Last year, over 7,000 photographers from all over the world participated and 110,000 images were entered!! I love that this contest is open to anyone and photographers of all levels can submit images. Even my 14 year old daughter is submitting photos this year! And the very best part is that anyone can vote! Over 23 million votes were cast during the 2015 contest. This is not a fan favorite contest due to the fact that all images are submitted without watermarks so you are truly voting based on the image itself and not the photographer.

It takes courage to put your work out there, but by sharing your images in this contest, I can promise you that others will be inspired. The voting starts February 15th...so many incredible images and new photographers will be discovered! 

Last year, I entered 40 images and was beyond thrilled to learn that 28 of my images placed in the top 30% or better! I am proud of these images and wanted to share the results with my amazing and beautiful clients!! All of these images were taken in 2014.

I had TWO images make it to the TOP 100 for the Families and Senior Girl/Guy categories!

The next five images made it to the Finalist round - top 7% in the Children, Senior Girl/Guy, and Families category.

The next 11 images placed in the Top 20% in the following categories: Newborn, Senior Girl/Guy, Maternity, Children, Families.

These 10 images placed in the Top 30% in the following categories: People Portraits, Children, Families, Senior Girl/Guy.

I hope you will consider submitting photos this year. Oh, and it's totally FREE to participate! You can submit 50 images this year and there are 25 different categories. Click here for all the details.

Have fun and good luck!